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Kelly Sport

For our last session of kelly sport we did an obstical course, played infinity tag, and a rock paper siccors race.

First we completed an obstical course, first we had to zig zag trough some cones. Next, we jumped over the hurdles and did 5 start jumps when we reached the end of them. Afert that we had to sprint to some jump ropes and skip run to the end, while coach Chelsea timed us.

Then, we played infinity tag. In infinity tag everybody was it. we needed to run away from everybody and if we got tagged we had to sit down. If you tagged somebody at the same time you had to do rock paper scissors.

Lastly, we did a rock paper scissors race. We went through the same thing as the obstical course, but we nad to do 5 star jumps after the hurdles. once the two people doing the race caught up to eachother, they did rock paper scissors, if you lost then you go back to your team, if you won then you could keep going untill you get to the other teams side.

I enjoyed this becuase I liked doing the rock paper scissors race. I did good at jumping over the hurdles. I need to improve on doing squats.

Shotput and Discus

For HPE we have been practicing shotput and discus.

First, we practiced discus. To play discus I had to stand side on, point at where I want to roll the dics, hold it in the shelf position, and roll the disc.

Next, we used a bean bag for discus. We needed to do the same thing as discus, but instead of rolling, we needed to throw the bean bag.

Lastly, we practised shotput. When you are playing shotput, you need to push the ball instead of throwing.

I didn’t enjoy this because we had to play out in the rain. I think I need to improve on pushing the shotput further. I think I did good at holding the disc.


For HPE we learnt some shotput skills and practiced them.

First, we learnt some skills. Some of them are: Pushing the ball instead of throwing it, using my dominant hand to hold the ball, and my non dominant hand to aim, and keeping the ball close to your chin.

Then, in partners we practiced the skills, I caught the ball most of the time.

I enjoyed this task because I like shotput. I did well at pushing the ball. I need to improve on aiming.


Today we played T-ball for hpe.

First, we went over the rules for the game. Some of the rules the coach told us were: you can’t have more than 1 person in the circle, and, if the fielders caught the ball  on the full, then you were out.

Next, we played a relay game to get started. The batter had to hit the ball as far as they could, and then try to run back and fourth between the T and a circle as many times as they could, once the fielders out the ball back on the T, you were done. I ran back and fourth 2 times each.

Lastly, we played a game of T-ball. My team was loosing and had to beat 7 home runs, my team had 5 home runs, but then on the last hit everybody got a home run. So my team won by 1 home run on the last hit.

I didn’t enjoy this becauce I don’t like T-ball. I did good at running to the different posts, I need to improve on hitting the ball with more power.


We played relay games and played netball.

First, we played a game where 1 team gets into a circle, while the other team had to try and run around them. One team got into a circle and tried to pass as many times as they could, before every person in the other team ran around. My team lost.

Then, we played over and under, we needed to pass the ball over our head, or under our legs and try to get all the way to the end of the court. My team lost the first game, but both teams tied in the second.

Lastly, we played netball. I was one of the players in the middle because I was good at passing and catching. My team got 2 points.

I didn’t enjoyed this becuase I don’t like netball, I need to improve on trying to get the ball before the other team passes, I did good at passing and catching.


We learnt netball skills like how to pass.

First, the coach explained some rules, and we practiced netball skills. We practiced defending, and attacking. When I was attacking, I didn’t get the ball because the defenders kept hitting it out of my hand. I think I did good at defending.

Then, we played a game like rob the nest to practice passing, there were 2 teams, and we needed to pass all of the netballs from one hoop, to another hoop. My team lost every time becuase we kept dropping the ball and we weren’t in order. If anyone dropped the ball, then we had to start again.

Next, we played a game of netball, bibs vs non-bibs, I was one of the shooters, but I never go the ball.

Lastly, we played jedi dodgeball becuase it strted to rain. In jedi dodgeball there were 2 teams, I was good at this, I hit lots of people. Even though there was a cheater in the other team, we still won.

I enjoyed this becuase I like netball, I need to improve on trying to catch the ball before the defenders get it. I did good at passing the netball.

PE – Rippa Rugby

We revised rippa rugby skills.

First, we revised passing the ball. When you are passing a rugby ball, you need to have your dominant hand behind your non-dominant hand, then you need to aim to pass at the person’s chest.

Then we played a relay race. We needed to pass between 3 people, pass a line, and then go back doing the same thing. Once you get back to the other people in the line, you need to pass the ball to the next person so that they and 2 other people can do the same thing. Once your whole side has a turn, you need to sit down.

Lastly we played King of the Rips, To play this game, you need a clear area. Once you have a clear area you need to have 2 teams of 3. Then the 2 teams need to try and rip each other’s tags. If somebody rips both of your tags, you are out. You can also get out by stepping out of the boundary line. To win, your team needs to be the last ones standing.

I enjoyed this because I like to play Ripa rugby, and I play for a club. I think that I could try to pass lower, because I pass people’s heads sometimes. I am good at being passed to, and running with the ball.

HPE | Dodgeball

Today we played dodgeball with kelly sport.

First, we played jedi dodgeball. First coach Lucas explained the rules. In jedi dodgeball, the jedi had a pool noodle, and had to go around touching your team with the noodle if they were out. If you we’re a jedi and somebody hit you, you would be out unless you were standing in your teams mat. When I was the jedi, I helped all of my team mates, and our team won 2 rounds of jedi dodgeball.

Next, we played elimination dodgeball. In eliminaton dodgeball, if somebody threw the ball at you but you caught it, they would be out, and you would stay in. While we were playing elimination dodgeball, our team won most of the rounds.

Lastly, we played traditional dodgeball. In traditional dodgeball, you were allowed to catch the ball if somebody threw it at you, but if you got out you had to sit in an ordered line, because if your teammate caught somebodys ball on the full, then the person at the front of the line could go back in. During the last round of traditional dodgeball, coach Lucas said whoever wins, wins the whole session of dodgeball, and my team won!

I enjoyed playing dodgeball. I did good at dodging everyone who tried to throw a ball at me. I need to improve on catching the balls so that I can stay in the game longer.

HPE | Revising American Football

We  revised AFL skills.

First, we revised throwing and catching. When you throw a AFL ball, you need to face sideways, hold the ball with your finger on the third lace, reel your hand behind you head and use your other arm to aim where your throwing.

Next, we played down down down. To play down down down, you need a partner. Once you have a partner you need to pass the ball between eachother. When somebody drops the ball, they need to loose a limb. For example. if I dropped the ball once, I would need to get down on one knee.

Lastly, we played cone drop. To play cone drop, you need to have a set of three or more cones. Then you need to get into  3 or more groups. Then, everybody needs to try and knock the cones down untill there are none left.

I didn’t enjoy this because I don’t like AFL. I think I need to try and not throw the ball too hard. I am good at catching.


Today we practiced stepping for Ki o Rahi.

First, we watched a demonstration of somebody stepping. When you step, you need to run up to your opponent. Then you need to put one foot to the side, but then actually step out and run the other way.

Next, we did a stepping relay. First we had to get into 4 teams. We needed to step two cones, then run and touch the wall, and step the same two cones again. The point of the game was to be the first team sitting down to win.

Lastly, we played mini octopus. Mini octopus is just ocotomus but in a smaller square, so you have to use your stepping skill. When you tagged somebody, they had to act like they were stuck in the mud. The only way to get un-stuck was if somebody crawled under your legs.

I enjoyed this activity. I think that I need to try and get faster at stepping. I think that I did good at stepping.