Today we practiced stepping for Ki o Rahi.

First, we watched a demonstration of somebody stepping. When you step, you need to run up to your opponent. Then you need to put one foot to the side, but then actually step out and run the other way.

Next, we did a stepping relay. First we had to get into 4 teams. We needed to step two cones, then run and touch the wall, and step the same two cones again. The point of the game was to be the first team sitting down to win.

Lastly, we played mini octopus. Mini octopus is just ocotomus but in a smaller square, so you have to use your stepping skill. When you tagged somebody, they had to act like they were stuck in the mud. The only way to get un-stuck was if somebody crawled under your legs.

I enjoyed this activity. I think that I need to try and get faster at stepping. I think that I did good at stepping.


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