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SLJ How Good is your Memory?

I completed the summer learning journey tasl called how good is your memory.

First I watched some short videos explaining what a mnemonic is, and an example of one. A mnemonic is a short phrase to help remembera hard word, for example: said, Susan Always Is Dopey.

Then, I took a video of myself showing that I learnt the mnemonic, my mnemonic helps remember the colours of the rainbow, ROYG G.BIV.

I enjoyed this task becuase it helper me remeber the order of the rainbow.


SLJ Mars Rover

For the summer learning journey I designed my own mars rover.

I needed to use shapes and tools to create my mars rover, I decided to name it WALL-I because I got insporation from the movie WALL-E. I added different types of things to my rover including wheels, test tubes and cameras for eyes. A fact about my rover is that the box inside the body is used to test things that it can find on mars.

I enjoyed this activity becuase it was fun learning about mars. I think I could try and expand my learning and try to learn about more thing in space.

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