HPE | Dodgeball

Today we played dodgeball with kelly sport.

First, we played jedi dodgeball. First coach Lucas explained the rules. In jedi dodgeball, the jedi had a pool noodle, and had to go around touching your team with the noodle if they were out. If you we’re a jedi and somebody hit you, you would be out unless you were standing in your teams mat. When I was the jedi, I helped all of my team mates, and our team won 2 rounds of jedi dodgeball.

Next, we played elimination dodgeball. In eliminaton dodgeball, if somebody threw the ball at you but you caught it, they would be out, and you would stay in. While we were playing elimination dodgeball, our team won most of the rounds.

Lastly, we played traditional dodgeball. In traditional dodgeball, you were allowed to catch the ball if somebody threw it at you, but if you got out you had to sit in an ordered line, because if your teammate caught somebodys ball on the full, then the person at the front of the line could go back in. During the last round of traditional dodgeball, coach Lucas said whoever wins, wins the whole session of dodgeball, and my team won!

I enjoyed playing dodgeball. I did good at dodging everyone who tried to throw a ball at me. I need to improve on catching the balls so that I can stay in the game longer.

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