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Howick Historical Village Trip

LI: To make a collage about the Howick Historical Village.

We went back into the past and visited the Howick Historical village and learnt about how the world has evolved since 1870. Back in the day there wasn’t any countdown’s or pak’n’saves to but butter, so the woman milked the cow and made it theirself. We used cream and churned it using one of the oldenday mixers and each had a turn churning the cream and saying the phrase: “churn butter churn, … is waiting at the gate, waiting for some butter cake, churn butter churn.” Eventually the butter bacame thicker and created butter and buttermilk. Buttermilk was used to feed pigs, since people couldn’t go to the chop and buy pet food.

In 18370 lifestyles were very different from how they were today. For the roads, they used crushed shells since they didn’t have tar. Boys and girls couldn’t play together and girls weren’t allowed to play together. we explored the houses and saw different types of buildings like schools and churches and how they used to look.

For fun, boys made trolleys and build things while girls had to do things like sewing or knitting for fun. Nowadays we can do whatever we like for fun. each group was gived a bunch of supplies and a refferance photo so that we could build and test our trolleys that we build. We drove and raced the trolleys down the slope.

I enjoyed visiting the Howick historical village because I got to look at what like used to look like and how it has changed since.

Observation Something Happened Here…

LI: Learning about New Zealand history.

For reading we looked at New zealand history from the school starter kit. We chose one of the 36 cards and learnt about the tangata whenua which tells us the mountain, river, tribe and marae for place we choose. We chose observation, this card was about Abel Tasman and Dumont D’urville. Abel Tasman’s story was about murderers bay, we learnt why he gave murderers bay the name and what happened.

I found this task interesting because I was given the opportunity to learn about history behind New Zealand.