Kelly Sport

For our last session of kelly sport we did an obstical course, played infinity tag, and a rock paper siccors race.

First we completed an obstical course, first we had to zig zag trough some cones. Next, we jumped over the hurdles and did 5 start jumps when we reached the end of them. Afert that we had to sprint to some jump ropes and skip run to the end, while coach Chelsea timed us.

Then, we played infinity tag. In infinity tag everybody was it. we needed to run away from everybody and if we got tagged we had to sit down. If you tagged somebody at the same time you had to do rock paper scissors.

Lastly, we did a rock paper scissors race. We went through the same thing as the obstical course, but we nad to do 5 star jumps after the hurdles. once the two people doing the race caught up to eachother, they did rock paper scissors, if you lost then you go back to your team, if you won then you could keep going untill you get to the other teams side.

I enjoyed this becuase I liked doing the rock paper scissors race. I did good at jumping over the hurdles. I need to improve on doing squats.

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