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Classroom Rules and Expectiations Poster

LI: To follow the classroom rules and expectations (including wet day procedures)

This week we did a PB4L poster discussing about the Class Expectations and Rules and why they’re important to follow. This poster is also about respecting the teachers and pupils in the classroom. An example of this is being respectful to everyone It is important to follow these because they are there for a reason and.

I found this activity fun because I got to talk with my group and list some of the classroom expectations.

Being Inclusive

We learnt about being inclusive, and a time we have been inclusive.

A time when I was being inclusive was when I was at the park, and I was playing with my little brother. And then I saw a girl sitting by herself on the swing. So I got up and sat next to her.

Then, I said to her “do you want to play with my and my brother?” She replied “yes” and went went to go climbed the trees and look for birds.

I liked being inclusive because I had a fun time at the park.

Motivational Quotes

Motivational quotes are things that people say to motivate people.

Motivational quotes are short phrases that are made using inspirational words of wisdom, and to advise people.

Motivational quotes can lead in positive results, like helping people make the right choice, and make people feel better about themself.

Motivational quotes are short sentances used to make people happy, or adivse them in making correct choises.



Be Positive

Positive is when you are good powards other people, and keep your head up.

Even if you fail in doing something, keep trying, because practice makes perfect.

If you try a new sport and your not good at it, you could always practice or play more so that you can get used to playing the sport, and get better at it so that you don;t get friestraighted or angry when something doesn’t work.

Be positive towards new things, and never give up if you fail.