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Structure of Information Report

The structure of an information report is TIIC, an information report is used to inform somebody what something is.

  1. First, you need to write a title. The title is what the topic is.
  2.  you need to write the introduction. The introduction tells the reader what the information is going to be about.
  3.  write the information. The information is the body of the text, the information needs to be about what you said in the introduction.
  4. Lastly, you need a conclusion, a conclusion is telling why the topic you are writing about is important.


I created a comment thread with Myah.

A comment thread is a conversation about learning using your blog comments section.

To do a comment you need to reply to somebody who commented on your blog. After you have replied, the first person will reply again, and then you until you have created a conversation.

To make a good comment you need to have a greeting, a helpful comment, a posotive comment, a question, a thoughtful comment, and a connection.

Attrubuting Facts

This is how to attribute an image.

  1. Pick a photo
  2. Find the photo licence
  3. Find the owner’s name.
  4. Find the website you used to get the photo.
  5. Link it to the photo.

It is polite to attribute photos, because you need to give credit to the creator.

How to Write a Correct Blog Post

A correct blog post includes 4 main things.

The first thing a correct blog post must have is a title, a title is what your blog post is about.

The next thing is a label, a label is what subject your work is.

Then, the actuall text itself, or blog, this is the whole blog post.

Finaly the DLO, the DLO shows proof that the tast, or work was complated.

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