PE – Rippa Rugby

We revised rippa rugby skills.

First, we revised passing the ball. When you are passing a rugby ball, you need to have your dominant hand behind your non-dominant hand, then you need to aim to pass at the person’s chest.

Then we played a relay race. We needed to pass between 3 people, pass a line, and then go back doing the same thing. Once you get back to the other people in the line, you need to pass the ball to the next person so that they and 2 other people can do the same thing. Once your whole side has a turn, you need to sit down.

Lastly we played King of the Rips, To play this game, you need a clear area. Once you have a clear area you need to have 2 teams of 3. Then the 2 teams need to try and rip each other’s tags. If somebody rips both of your tags, you are out. You can also get out by stepping out of the boundary line. To win, your team needs to be the last ones standing.

I enjoyed this because I like to play Ripa rugby, and I play for a club. I think that I could try to pass lower, because I pass people’s heads sometimes. I am good at being passed to, and running with the ball.

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