HPE | Revising American Football

We  revised AFL skills.

First, we revised throwing and catching. When you throw a AFL ball, you need to face sideways, hold the ball with your finger on the third lace, reel your hand behind you head and use your other arm to aim where your throwing.

Next, we played down down down. To play down down down, you need a partner. Once you have a partner you need to pass the ball between eachother. When somebody drops the ball, they need to loose a limb. For example. if I dropped the ball once, I would need to get down on one knee.

Lastly, we played cone drop. To play cone drop, you need to have a set of three or more cones. Then you need to get into  3 or more groups. Then, everybody needs to try and knock the cones down untill there are none left.

I didn’t enjoy this because I don’t like AFL. I think I need to try and not throw the ball too hard. I am good at catching.

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