Today we played T-ball for hpe.

First, we went over the rules for the game. Some of the rules the coach told us were: you can’t have more than 1 person in the circle, and, if the fielders caught the ball  on the full, then you were out.

Next, we played a relay game to get started. The batter had to hit the ball as far as they could, and then try to run back and fourth between the T and a circle as many times as they could, once the fielders out the ball back on the T, you were done. I ran back and fourth 2 times each.

Lastly, we played a game of T-ball. My team was loosing and had to beat 7 home runs, my team had 5 home runs, but then on the last hit everybody got a home run. So my team won by 1 home run on the last hit.

I didn’t enjoy this becauce I don’t like T-ball. I did good at running to the different posts, I need to improve on hitting the ball with more power.

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