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Kawa of Care Quest

For the Kawa of Care Quest I answerd a quiz about the kawa of care. For this task I was challenged to answer 10 questions in a row without getting any wrong. I completed this task on my 1st try, without any mistakes. The questions were interesting and some I had to think about. For example one of the questions were, “How many chromebooks should you hold at once?” I chose 1. To try this quiz youself, click here.

I found this activity fun becasue I got to do a fun quiz while reminding myself about the kawa of care.

My Pepeha

LI: To write and say our pepeha.

We each wrote pepeha’s to help get to know each other. By writing pepeha’s this allows us to connect to each other and form friendships in learning. My pepeha tells others about who I am, my iwi as well as my ancestors and what year they came to Aotearoa. For example: My ancestors are from Ngapuhi.

I found this activity fun because I got to learn wherr my grandparents were from and how to say my pepeha in Maori.

SLJ Summer Beach Scene Kickstart

For the Summer Learning Journey I completed the kickstart activity “Summer Beach Scene.” For this activity I used gradients and different shades of colours to create my beach scene. My beach includes a palm tree, 2 little birds, a shovel and bucket and a wind surfer. I created my sunset usind different colours and shades like, yellow, light yellow, orange, light orange and different types of blues.

I found this activity fun because I got to use my creativity to make a fun cool beach scene.

SLJ Bug of the Year Kickstart

For the Summer learning journey I completed the kickstart activity “bug of the year.” For this avtivity I was challenged to use my creativity to create a new bug using my imagination. my bug is a mix of other creatures and insects including moth, spider and dragonfly using their different types of body parts. my bug has a spider like body and legs, it has pink antenae and 2 dots on its body to immitate the image of eyes which can be used to scare off predators. My bug has big transparent wings and a dragonfly-like end. Lastly my bug has big shiny black eyes which help them see from further away and catch other smaller insects to feed on.

I enjoyed this activity becasue I got to use my creativity to come up with a new species of bugs and experiment on different things I could add to improve my bug.

SLJ Kickstart Tanagrams

For the Summer Learning Journey I completed the kickstart activity called “Tanagrams.” For this activity I used the Tanagram builder to create images using different shapes. For each unique design I had to use every shape and rotate/move them around to make them fit the design. I started off with besic designs then created animals.

I enjoyed this activity because it was challenging and I had to use my brain to figure out which way to move the shapes to fit inside the design.

SLJ Kickstart Under the Sea

For the Summer Learning Journey I complated the kickstart activity “Under the Sea.” For this task I created my own under water enviroment. My enviroment includes different species of tropical fish, coral, and a variety of sea creatures. All of the creatures in my enviroment are, jellyfish, crab, starfish, clownfish, cooper banded butterfly fish and schooling bannerfish. Did you know that schooling bannerfish are found between the depth of 5-30m.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to use my creativity and create my own under water enviroment and learn facts about different types of sea creatures.

SLJ Which one Doesn’t Belong


For the Summer Learning journey I completed the task Which one Doesn’t Belong. I had to figure out which of the shapes didn’t belong and support my answer with evidence. In this activity, every answer is correct. At the end I created my own which one doesn’t belong, if you would like to try mine out, go to the last slide and write your answer in the comments.

I enjoyed this activity because it was fun and I had to think and use different strategies to find out which one is the odd one out.

SLJ Summer Styles

For the Summer Learnign Journey I created a book mark using paper and cool contrasting colours. First I chose a word and used a shape that resembles the word for my design, I chose the word “Loved” and used hearts for my design. I wrote my word in the middle and surrounded it in hearts with warm and cool colours.

I enjoyed this activity because it was fun and I got to use my creativity to create my own bookmark that I can use when reading.

SLJ ComicQuest

For today’s SLJ was to create a comic strip about a day at the beach, My partner and I used our creativity and came up with an ideas to make up a story before picking one, the decision we came to was saving a crabs family and building them a home using the sand.

I found this activity fun because I got to use creativity and come up with fun ideas to create a story.

PBS Market Day

On Wednesday Panmure Bridge school hosted their market day under the canopy for all the classes. Each class spent about a week to come up with their products and ideas, our class decided to make harakeke keyrings and jewelery. First, gathered ideas for our product and made prototypes, at first our idea didn’t work out so we tried again and came up with the idea of making beaded bracelets and rings. When we made our product we advertised the keyrings by putting them of our bags.

Then we set up our stall infront of the hall on the deck and displeyd all of our products to sell. Our stall was quite popular as it was filled with fun colours and glitter. After we finished out stall we helped set up some of the others. once they were completed all of the stalls were beaming with fun and exhadurated colours.

Finally some of us looked after the stall and sold the products. Our stall had a humongous crowd and sold everything that we had. I was the first person to look after the stall and help sell products, when I swapped with someone else I went and used my tokens to buy things I was given 5 tokens to buy things from stalls, I ened up buying a sunflower, christmas wrapping paper and a dream catcher. When it was done I was left with 3 tokens.

I found market day fun and filled with excitiment, I enjoyed creating the products to sell and helping look after the stall.