We learnt netball skills like how to pass.

First, the coach explained some rules, and we practiced netball skills. We practiced defending, and attacking. When I was attacking, I didn’t get the ball because the defenders kept hitting it out of my hand. I think I did good at defending.

Then, we played a game like rob the nest to practice passing, there were 2 teams, and we needed to pass all of the netballs from one hoop, to another hoop. My team lost every time becuase we kept dropping the ball and we weren’t in order. If anyone dropped the ball, then we had to start again.

Next, we played a game of netball, bibs vs non-bibs, I was one of the shooters, but I never go the ball.

Lastly, we played jedi dodgeball becuase it strted to rain. In jedi dodgeball there were 2 teams, I was good at this, I hit lots of people. Even though there was a cheater in the other team, we still won.

I enjoyed this becuase I like netball, I need to improve on trying to catch the ball before the defenders get it. I did good at passing the netball.

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