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Observation Something Happened Here…

LI: Learning about New Zealand history.

For reading we looked at New zealand history from the school starter kit. We chose one of the 36 cards and learnt about the tangata whenua which tells us the mountain, river, tribe and marae for place we choose. We chose observation, this card was about Abel Tasman and Dumont D’urville. Abel Tasman’s story was about murderers bay, we learnt why he gave murderers bay the name and what happened.

I found this task interesting because I was given the opportunity to learn about history behind New Zealand.

Character Dispelling

For reading I chose a character from a text and dispelled the gender bias. I chose Brainy smurf as my character, when I dispelled the gender I changed a few things, for example a gave her more feminin clothing and a more defined body shape. While I was dispelling the gender I stayed with the theme of a steryotypical “nerd” because ofter when you hear the word “brainy” people think about “nerds”.

I enjoyed this activity because I got to take one of the characters I like and dispell the gender bias that followed from the past in evolution. This task let me express my ideas and think about questions like “what actually would my character look like as a female?” overall this activity helped me display my creativity and learn about gender bias and how men are displayed as more empowering as woman.

Escape From Afghanistan

LI: To explain in fewer words what the text is about 


Our challenge in this activity was to summarise the text in our own words. We were challenged to use powerful vocabulary instead of simpler words. My summary tells the journey of all refugees and the journey they went through.

I found this Mahdi’s journey stressful because all of the obsticals he came to were stressful

Tension Graphs

LI: To gauge the tension in a text

Escape from Afghanistan Tension Chart:

My name is Rez Tension Chart:

From Afghanistan to Aotearoa Tension Chart:

When I compare these graphs I noticed that these refugees had a really hard time setling into a new country and leaving eveything they have behind. 

I found this activity interesting because I was able to learn more about refugees and how they come with the obsticals they face.

Synthesis Challenge

LI: To compare and contrast the way authors hook us in and build tension in a set of texts.

Our group has made the decision that “My name is Rez” has the best introduction out of three texts. As It states what Rez’s childhood has been like. For example “We have never had our own homeland”. Meaning that she has endured psychological trauma and emotional scars that will forever be attached to her for the majority of her life. In act 1 it explains that her life is filled with hardships from being punished for getting something incorrect, to having both of her parents’ villages being bombed. The horrors they faced seemed to never end. But in the end she became a lawyer that helps refugees come to New Zealand and she had a prosperous life.

Our challenge in this activity was to compare and contrast the ways each author built tension and hooked us in using evidence from the texts to support our thinking. When we had read all three texts in the set we wrote a collaborative statement to convince other students why one of the story beginnings was better than the other(s).

I found this activity interesting because I got to learn about different refugees and the ardous journeys they faced.

Main Ideas

LI: To identify the main ideas in the text 

This week we have been learning how to find and collaboratively decide on the main idea in a text by negotiating. We read the text Lester and Clyde. This was a text about the consequences of pollution. Our group think the main idea was to raise awareness that one piece of rubbish could destroy the habitats of living animals and that your Actions causes consequences.

We found this activity a good learning experience because this is a fun way to find out the main ideas on texts and create learning conversations using main ideas.

Piano Quiz Progress

My group and I have been working on creating a interactive report of a quiz.

First, we planned everything and gave everybody jobs, for example: linking, decorating, finding information, timeline, etc.

Then we started working on our timeline and finding information, we found lots of different information like, the first piano ever created, when the first piano was created, and the first electric piano(keyboard) to be created.

Lastly we started adding some questions and linking the answers on if it was correct of incorrect. We added a variaty of questions like: What did white keys on a piano used to be made of? When was the first piano created? and, When was first electric piano(keyboard) was created?

I enjoyed this task because creating quiz’s is fun. I need to improve on finding accurate information. I did good at creating the questions, and linking the answers.


Piano Controversy

Group 8 created a podcast about pianos and the material used for making the keys on a piano.

First we reasearched about the piano and what material is used to create the white keys. We found out that the white keys on a piano used to be made out of ivory, ivory comes from the elephants tusks and rhinoceros horns.

Then, we wrote down some notes on what we found about the white piano keys. We wrote down notes about what ivory is, where it comes from, and the global treaty. The global treaty was signed in 1990 to ban ivory trading, becuase it was putting elephants and rhinoceros at risk of extinction.

Lastly, we wrote down a short script. After we wrote that we recorded our podcast outside. We used our scripts as a guide so that our voices sounded normal.

I enjoyed this task because I think reasearching about animals is fun. I think I could get better at noticing what I want to say first. I did good at writing notes and researching about the elephants and rhinoceros.


History of Sports Cars

Sports cars are a type of car that is specifically used for racing. They have been used for many years. There are lots of different kinds of sports cars, some of them are: Porsche, Tesla Roadster,  Ferraris and many other ones.

The first sports car that was ever made was the Prince Henry Vauxhaul. The Prince Henry Vauxhaul was made in 1914. This car could reach up to 90 MHP, and had a 3 litre engine. The person who designed this car was called Laurence Pomeroy.

Now, sports cars have evolved. Some of the sports cars engines now are between 2.0 engine litres to 7 engine litres. Once of these cars are the Porsche Cayenne with a engine that can reach 3.0 litres.

Sports cars have been around for many years the first sports car to ever be made was teh prince Henry Vauxhaul, and one of the most recent sports car is the 2022 Chevrolet Corvette.


Processed Food

I learnt about evaluating processed food.

First, we read 7 articles that had information about processed food on wether it was good for humans or not, most of them said that processed food can mostly be good for humans.

Next, we discussed our opinions using the extended discussion cards. My question was, How can processed food be bad for humans?

Lastly, we wrote our own opinions about processed food, my opinion is: I think that processed food is good for humans because we can eat it when there is no fresh food to eat, and processing food can kill microorganisms and make food last longer. But if we eat too much processed food it can be bad for us.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt to form my opinion. I did well on forming my opinion about processed food. I need to improve on finding questions.