Year: 2022

Kelly Sport

For our last session of kelly sport we did an obstical course, played infinity tag, and a rock paper siccors race.

First we completed an obstical course, first we had to zig zag trough some cones. Next, we jumped over the hurdles and did 5 start jumps when we reached the end of them. Afert that we had to sprint to some jump ropes and skip run to the end, while coach Chelsea timed us.

Then, we played infinity tag. In infinity tag everybody was it. we needed to run away from everybody and if we got tagged we had to sit down. If you tagged somebody at the same time you had to do rock paper scissors.

Lastly, we did a rock paper scissors race. We went through the same thing as the obstical course, but we nad to do 5 star jumps after the hurdles. once the two people doing the race caught up to eachother, they did rock paper scissors, if you lost then you go back to your team, if you won then you could keep going untill you get to the other teams side.

I enjoyed this becuase I liked doing the rock paper scissors race. I did good at jumping over the hurdles. I need to improve on doing squats.

Being Inclusive

We learnt about being inclusive, and a time we have been inclusive.

A time when I was being inclusive was when I was at the park, and I was playing with my little brother. And then I saw a girl sitting by herself on the swing. So I got up and sat next to her.

Then, I said to her “do you want to play with my and my brother?” She replied “yes” and went went to go climbed the trees and look for birds.

I liked being inclusive because I had a fun time at the park.

Custom vehichle Design

For inquiry we created our own design for a new vehichle.

First, we came up with some pros and cons for different vehicles. For example: A pro for a horse and cart is that it can go anywhere. A con is that you have to stop and feed it regularly.

Then, we brainstormed some ideas on how we cna fix the cons. My way of fixing a horse and wagon is that we could make stops with horses and stuff to look after them so every time your horse gets tired, you can swap ot out.

Lastly, we made a design for our own vehicles. My idea is a UFO that can be an air vehicle and a sea vehicle. My custom design has strong fans and propellars so it can go it the air, and it has air tight glass so that it can double as a submarine.

I enjoyed this task becuase I got to come up with my own vehicle design using my imaginatoin. I think that I could get better at finding ways to fix some cons. I did good at listing the pros and cons for already made vehicles.

Structure of Information Report

The structure of an information report is TIIC, an information report is used to inform somebody what something is.

  1. First, you need to write a title. The title is what the topic is.
  2.  you need to write the introduction. The introduction tells the reader what the information is going to be about.
  3.  write the information. The information is the body of the text, the information needs to be about what you said in the introduction.
  4. Lastly, you need a conclusion, a conclusion is telling why the topic you are writing about is important.


I created a comment thread with Myah.

A comment thread is a conversation about learning using your blog comments section.

To do a comment you need to reply to somebody who commented on your blog. After you have replied, the first person will reply again, and then you until you have created a conversation.

To make a good comment you need to have a greeting, a helpful comment, a posotive comment, a question, a thoughtful comment, and a connection.

Reading Analog Clock

this week I learnt how to read an analog clock.

First we learnt about the 2 different types of clocks. Analog and digital. Analog clocks are the ones that have hands. A digital clock are the ones that are on technology like phones i pads, laptops, etc.

Next we used an online clock to prctice reading the time. we made 8 different ones.

I enjoyed this task because I learnt two different types of time. I need to improve on finding out the hour hand. I did well on guessing the minute hand.

Piano Controversy

Group 8 created a podcast about pianos and the material used for making the keys on a piano.

First we reasearched about the piano and what material is used to create the white keys. We found out that the white keys on a piano used to be made out of ivory, ivory comes from the elephants tusks and rhinoceros horns.

Then, we wrote down some notes on what we found about the white piano keys. We wrote down notes about what ivory is, where it comes from, and the global treaty. The global treaty was signed in 1990 to ban ivory trading, becuase it was putting elephants and rhinoceros at risk of extinction.

Lastly, we wrote down a short script. After we wrote that we recorded our podcast outside. We used our scripts as a guide so that our voices sounded normal.

I enjoyed this task because I think reasearching about animals is fun. I think I could get better at noticing what I want to say first. I did good at writing notes and researching about the elephants and rhinoceros.