SLJ Kickstart Tanagrams

For the Summer Learning Journey I completed the kickstart activity called “Tanagrams.” For this activity I used the Tanagram builder to create images using different shapes. For each unique design I had to use every shape and rotate/move them around to make them fit the design. I started off with besic designs then created animals.

I enjoyed this activity because it was challenging and I had to use my brain to figure out which way to move the shapes to fit inside the design.

One thought on “SLJ Kickstart Tanagrams

  1. Malo e lelei Keira,

    What an awesome tangram post, I like that to step it up the task introduces much more maths vocabulary such as perimeter, rotational symmetry, and angles. Did you find that the addition of these maths concepts made the activity harder? Have you checked out the kick start?

    My favourite tangram you have made is definitely the Kangaroo, it looks beautiful and I love the detailed description of the shapes and rules used to make them. Did you have a look at any of the other tangram designs?

    It is great to see you participating in the summer learning journey again this year and I look forward to seeing more of your awesome posts, keep up the great work! Remember to please register so you can receive points and go into the draw for some awesome pries!

    Ngā mihi nui,
    Zana Yates

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