Custom vehichle Design

For inquiry we created our own design for a new vehichle.

First, we came up with some pros and cons for different vehicles. For example: A pro for a horse and cart is that it can go anywhere. A con is that you have to stop and feed it regularly.

Then, we brainstormed some ideas on how we cna fix the cons. My way of fixing a horse and wagon is that we could make stops with horses and stuff to look after them so every time your horse gets tired, you can swap ot out.

Lastly, we made a design for our own vehicles. My idea is a UFO that can be an air vehicle and a sea vehicle. My custom design has strong fans and propellars so it can go it the air, and it has air tight glass so that it can double as a submarine.

I enjoyed this task becuase I got to come up with my own vehicle design using my imaginatoin. I think that I could get better at finding ways to fix some cons. I did good at listing the pros and cons for already made vehicles.

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