Piano Controversy

Group 8 created a podcast about pianos and the material used for making the keys on a piano.

First we reasearched about the piano and what material is used to create the white keys. We found out that the white keys on a piano used to be made out of ivory, ivory comes from the elephants tusks and rhinoceros horns.

Then, we wrote down some notes on what we found about the white piano keys. We wrote down notes about what ivory is, where it comes from, and the global treaty. The global treaty was signed in 1990 to ban ivory trading, becuase it was putting elephants and rhinoceros at risk of extinction.

Lastly, we wrote down a short script. After we wrote that we recorded our podcast outside. We used our scripts as a guide so that our voices sounded normal.

I enjoyed this task because I think reasearching about animals is fun. I think I could get better at noticing what I want to say first. I did good at writing notes and researching about the elephants and rhinoceros.


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