Year: 2022


I completed the SLJ task called it’s cool to be kind.

First, I read some tips helping me how to write a blog comment in maori.

Then, I choso somebody’s blog post and wrote a comment on it.

I enjoyed this task becuase I liked writing a kind comment on somebody elses blog post. I think I could try to fix my comments.

Treasuer hunt

I completed the SLJ kick start activity called treasire hunt.

First I went around finding all of the things on the list needed, some of them were: weight, paper, card or cardboard, and a thin plastic matersial.

Then, I took a photo and made a labeled diagram of the things from the list.

I enjoyed this becuase scavenging for all of the items was fun!


I created a slide with information on why global warming is affecting the temperature of the planet.

First, I answered some word equasions about temperature like adding celceus and degres.

Then, I researched about why global warming is affecting the planet causing water levels to rise.

Lastly I put all of the information on a DLO and added an information link.

I enjoyed this task becuase I like researching about information.

Narritive Writing

I learnt how to write a narritive using planners.

First I brainstormed some ideas of what my story can be about.

Then, I selectied what ideas from the brainstorm I wanted, and put them on a planner. After that I created a draft.

Lastly, I wrote my full narritive. I chose to write a narritive about fairries.

I enjoyed this task becuae i like writing stories.


Temprature is how hot and cold something is.

First we learnt what temprature is measured in, it is measured in degrees and celceus, sometimes ferenhight.

Then, I answers some word equasions adding degrees and celceus togeather.

Lastly I chose some questions and made a DLO answering them. For example: The hottest place on earth is Death Valley.

Create Transport

I created my own transport vehicle called S.L.A.Y.

First we came up with our own designs and made a label diagram.

Then we learnt about explinations and what the structure of a explination is, the structure is TIES or TIMES.

Lastly, we wrote our explinations for why our vehicle helps society.

I enjoyed this task becuase we got to design our own vehicle. I did good at comming up with my design.

Piano Quiz Progress

My group and I have been working on creating a interactive report of a quiz.

First, we planned everything and gave everybody jobs, for example: linking, decorating, finding information, timeline, etc.

Then we started working on our timeline and finding information, we found lots of different information like, the first piano ever created, when the first piano was created, and the first electric piano(keyboard) to be created.

Lastly we started adding some questions and linking the answers on if it was correct of incorrect. We added a variaty of questions like: What did white keys on a piano used to be made of? When was the first piano created? and, When was first electric piano(keyboard) was created?

I enjoyed this task because creating quiz’s is fun. I need to improve on finding accurate information. I did good at creating the questions, and linking the answers.