Month: June 2022

HPE | Revising American Football

We  revised AFL skills.

First, we revised throwing and catching. When you throw a AFL ball, you need to face sideways, hold the ball with your finger on the third lace, reel your hand behind you head and use your other arm to aim where your throwing.

Next, we played down down down. To play down down down, you need a partner. Once you have a partner you need to pass the ball between eachother. When somebody drops the ball, they need to loose a limb. For example. if I dropped the ball once, I would need to get down on one knee.

Lastly, we played cone drop. To play cone drop, you need to have a set of three or more cones. Then you need to get into  3 or more groups. Then, everybody needs to try and knock the cones down untill there are none left.

I didn’t enjoy this because I don’t like AFL. I think I need to try and not throw the ball too hard. I am good at catching.

Art | LS1 Class Whale Tail

For the past few days me and Alexxa have been working on the LS1 class whale tail.

First, we needed to create a design that we wanted to be on the whale tail. For our design, we chose to do a half and half, one half of the whale tail would be dark and dull colours to represent a sad future for the whales if we keep killing the whales and keep polluting the ocean. The other half has bright and fun colours to represent a happy future for the whales if we stop killing them and stop polluting the ocean. Then the class had to vote on which design was the best, my design won with 22 votes! The other teams had 12 and 7 votes.

Then, we drew all of the guidelines for where the masking tape would go. Once we finished drawing all of the lines, we put masking tape on top of all of the lines so that when we started painting the whale tail so the edges wouldn’t look bad.

Lastly, we started painting the whale tail, we painted the sad half purple, black, and dull green. Once we were finished with the green and purple, we started doing the orange and pink for the other half. Once we did those colours, we started painting the last spaces navy blue and black. Once we waited for the whale tail to harden and dry, we put more masking tape on the sides of all the spaces to do the black lines between the spaces. We have not finished the whale tail yet, but it looks really good.

I enjoy creating the class whale tail because I like painting and peeling the tape of the tail. I think that even though the whale tail is not done, it is really cool. I need to try and finish getting the whale tail done. I am good at cutting the masking that goes over the edge of the whale tail.

Te Reo

With Whaea Odie, we revised adding numbers togeather in te reo, and the question ” ho mai?”

First Whaea Odie showed us all the cards, and how to say them in maori. For example. If she showed us a card with the number 10, we had to say 10 in te reo, wich is Tekau.

Then, we had to ask eachother “ho mai?” Then a two didgit number in te reo, that was under 40. Once somebody asked you for a number, you had to hand it to them and say “anei.”

Lastly, she would ask us “Ho mai…” which means,  give me. Then, we had to give her the number that she asked us in maori, shown on the cards. When we gave her the card, we had to say “Anei”, thats means here.

I enjoyed doing this, becuase I got to learn more numbers in maori. I think that I got better at saying the numbers. I need to improve on remembering to say “anei.”

Identifying Ties

The structure of an explination is ties.

The purpose of an explination is to tell people how something works. The T in ties stands for title, I stands for introduction, E stands for explain, S stands for summary.

The language features of a explination are third person, present simple tense, and cause and effect words. Some examples of cause and effect words are if,when,becuase, and so.

An explanation tells people how something works or what it does. An explination can be of an orginisation, a thing, or a machine.




Today we practiced stepping for Ki o Rahi.

First, we watched a demonstration of somebody stepping. When you step, you need to run up to your opponent. Then you need to put one foot to the side, but then actually step out and run the other way.

Next, we did a stepping relay. First we had to get into 4 teams. We needed to step two cones, then run and touch the wall, and step the same two cones again. The point of the game was to be the first team sitting down to win.

Lastly, we played mini octopus. Mini octopus is just ocotomus but in a smaller square, so you have to use your stepping skill. When you tagged somebody, they had to act like they were stuck in the mud. The only way to get un-stuck was if somebody crawled under your legs.

I enjoyed this activity. I think that I need to try and get faster at stepping. I think that I did good at stepping.



We learnt about pause breathe smile, and, for PB4L we made a bathroom procedure poster.

First, we did pause breathe smile. For pause breathe smile, we had to pause and breathe. Then we talked about positive feelings, and negative feelings. some examples of posotive feelings are satisfied, exited, and joyful. Some examples of negative feelings are angry, depressed, and stressed.

Next we dicussed the bathroom procedures. The procedures we talked about were washing your hands, informing the teacher, and using the toilet for its intended purpose.

Lastly we created a poster explainning the bathroom procedures.

I enjoyed this task becuase I like creating posters. I think I did good at creating this poster.