Art | LS1 Class Whale Tail

For the past few days me and Alexxa have been working on the LS1 class whale tail.

First, we needed to create a design that we wanted to be on the whale tail. For our design, we chose to do a half and half, one half of the whale tail would be dark and dull colours to represent a sad future for the whales if we keep killing the whales and keep polluting the ocean. The other half has bright and fun colours to represent a happy future for the whales if we stop killing them and stop polluting the ocean. Then the class had to vote on which design was the best, my design won with 22 votes! The other teams had 12 and 7 votes.

Then, we drew all of the guidelines for where the masking tape would go. Once we finished drawing all of the lines, we put masking tape on top of all of the lines so that when we started painting the whale tail so the edges wouldn’t look bad.

Lastly, we started painting the whale tail, we painted the sad half purple, black, and dull green. Once we were finished with the green and purple, we started doing the orange and pink for the other half. Once we did those colours, we started painting the last spaces navy blue and black. Once we waited for the whale tail to harden and dry, we put more masking tape on the sides of all the spaces to do the black lines between the spaces. We have not finished the whale tail yet, but it looks really good.

I enjoy creating the class whale tail because I like painting and peeling the tape of the tail. I think that even though the whale tail is not done, it is really cool. I need to try and finish getting the whale tail done. I am good at cutting the masking that goes over the edge of the whale tail.

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