Basic Facts

We learnt about basic facts and fact families.

We learnt that there is a difference between groups of and groups. For example if there were 20 people and they had to get into 4 groups of 5 then there would be 5 people in each group. But if they had to get into 4 groups, there would only be 4 groups.

First everybody got assinged to a time table they had to do, then get into groups of 4 that each had different time tables. Each person had a time table thay had to do. everybpdy had to have the 4 times tables, the 6 times tables, the 7 times tables, and the 8 times tables,

Then everybody wrote a fact family for each of their time table. For example 7 x 8 = 56, and 8 x 7 also = 56. So they are a fact family.

Lastly everybody used counters to show each time table and took a photo.

I enjoyed doing this task because I got to learn more of my time tables. I think that I need to practice more of my 7 times tables. But I did well on showing all of my time tables using counters.

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