I learned some skill and how to play T-ball.

First we played noodle tag as a warm-up, because the noodles are kind of like bats so we used them to practice holding the bat.

Next coach Cameron taught everybody how to ball. He also told us 4 things. The first thing we did was face sideways, then put the bat and ball at belly button height. Then we pur our feet apart so we could hit the ball with more forse to go further. The last thing he told us about batting was to put our arms straight out at a contacted point.

Lastly we played T-ball against other teams and used all the skills we learnt.

I enjoyed playing T-ball becuse it is kind of like Cricket. I was good at running from base to base because I am pretty fast, but I think I need to improve on hitting the ball because sometimes I hit the T instead of the ball.

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