Imaginitive Recount

I learnt how to plan an imaginitive recount.

First we brainstormed some ideas on what our imaginitive recount was about. We brainstormed ideas for the main charcter, supporting characters, the main plot, and supporting events. The main character was  James(me). The supporting characters were: Billy Bob(dad), Patty(mum), Sahil(brother), Lee(cousin), and Kim(sister)

Next we made a backwards S plan. We split the backwards S into 5 sections. Reveal, event 1, event 2, event 3, and ending. The reveal started with everybody running from zombies, then the rest of the recount would be about them finding motorbikes, dying and finding somewhere to hide.

Lastly we added all of our own ideas on a google doc so we could use them to make a recount.

I enjoyed this activity because we could be creative and do whatever we wanted to our imaginitive recount.

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