SLJ Mars Rover

For the summer learning journey I designed my own mars rover.

I needed to use shapes and tools to create my mars rover, I decided to name it WALL-I because I got insporation from the movie WALL-E. I added different types of things to my rover including wheels, test tubes and cameras for eyes. A fact about my rover is that the box inside the body is used to test things that it can find on mars.

I enjoyed this activity becuase it was fun learning about mars. I think I could try and expand my learning and try to learn about more thing in space.

One thought on “SLJ Mars Rover

  1. Hello Keira!

    Its awesome to see you take inspiration from the WALL-E character, Have you watched the movie before? I remember watching it when it came out in 2008! Wow that is a long time ago, 14 years.

    What do you think you will find on Mars? your camera eyes and test tubes will be perfect to test the things you find.

    What other planets would you like to discover and why?

    Keep it up!
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)

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