SLJ Cool Character

For the summer learning journey I created my own character using materials from outside.

I went out into my backyard and collwcted some materials to assemble my character. I used items like flowers and leaves to make this.

I made a fairy and her name is Blossom. I used a sunflower for her T-shirt, white flowers for her skirt, and leaves for her wings.

I enjoyed this activity becuase I got ot spend time outside looking for items to create my own character.

One thought on “SLJ Cool Character

  1. Kia ora Keira,

    This is awesome! You have put a lot of detail into the placement of all the items you found in your garden. The name Blossom, that you have chosen fits perfectly, for your fairy cool character you have created.

    The white coloured flowers are perfect placed as her skirt. I especially like the thought behind the wings, as the veins in the leaves remind me of the wings of butterflies.

    Keep up the amazing work!
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)

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