Month: December 2022

SLJ Land of Voyages

For the summer learning journey I had to build my own waka hourua.

i used minecraft education edition to create my own design for a waka hourua. I used wood and fences to create the base and paddles.

I enjoyed this activity because building a waka in minecraft was fun. I think I could try to add more things to it.

SLJ Art for arts Sake

I completed the summer learning journey task called art for arts sake.

First I chose what I wanted my silhouette to be, I chose a flying eagle.

Then, I drew the eagle on a piece of paper and coloured it in black.

Lastly, I cut out my black silhouette, and stuck it onto a white piece of paper.

I enjoyed this task because I enjoy doing art.

SLJ How Good is your Memory?

I completed the summer learning journey tasl called how good is your memory.

First I watched some short videos explaining what a mnemonic is, and an example of one. A mnemonic is a short phrase to help remembera hard word, for example: said, Susan Always Is Dopey.

Then, I took a video of myself showing that I learnt the mnemonic, my mnemonic helps remember the colours of the rainbow, ROYG G.BIV.

I enjoyed this task becuase it helper me remeber the order of the rainbow.


SLJ Smart Chips

I completed the summer learning journey activity called smart chips.

First I listened to the christmas carol called a pukeko in a ponga tree, also known as “the twelve days of christmas.”

Then I used smart chips to fill in the missing parts of the song, For example : On the first day of christmas my true love gave to me, a … in a ponga tree, “pukeko” would fill in the gaps. I completed the whole task.

I enjoyed this task because I got to learn a new christmas song in Te Reo maori. I think that I did a good job at memorising the order of the song.

SLJ Mars Rover

For the summer learning journey I designed my own mars rover.

I needed to use shapes and tools to create my mars rover, I decided to name it WALL-I because I got insporation from the movie WALL-E. I added different types of things to my rover including wheels, test tubes and cameras for eyes. A fact about my rover is that the box inside the body is used to test things that it can find on mars.

I enjoyed this activity becuase it was fun learning about mars. I think I could try and expand my learning and try to learn about more thing in space.

SLJ Cool Character

For the summer learning journey I created my own character using materials from outside.

I went out into my backyard and collwcted some materials to assemble my character. I used items like flowers and leaves to make this.

I made a fairy and her name is Blossom. I used a sunflower for her T-shirt, white flowers for her skirt, and leaves for her wings.

I enjoyed this activity becuase I got ot spend time outside looking for items to create my own character.

SLJ Seesaw Challenge

For the summer learning journey I completed the seesaw challenge.

First, I gathered all of the materials I needed to create my catapult. I needed 4 items:

  1. Tube
  2. Spoon
  3. string
  4. Projectile of choice

Then, I created my catapult. I used the string to attatch the spoon to the tube so that I could launch things.

Lastly, I put my catapult onto the floor and started trying to flip a cup. I flipped the cup 2 times in a row. It took me 2 tried for me to get it right.

I enjoyed this activity becuase launching stuff out of my catapult was fun! I think I could try and get a little bit better and get the cup to land 3 times in a row. I did good at this task because it took me 3 tried to get it right.

SLJ Recreating Portraits

I recreated a famous portrait for the summer learning journy.

First, I chose the photo that I wanetd to recreate, I chose a portrait with a man wearing a yellow hat that looked like a paper boat.

Then, I made a yellow origami paper boat and wore it on my head like the picture.

Lastly, I created a DLO to show how similar I look to the original portrait.

SLJ Trick Shot

I completed the SLJ task called trick shots.

First, I decided what kind of trick shot I was going to do, I decided to do a basketball one but used a netball instead.

Then, I started practicing. I stood far back and shot the ball.

Lastly, I kept on trying to get the ball into the hoop, i got it in twice. I think I could get better becuase the ball kept hitting the side of the backboard

I enjoyed this task because doing trick shots is fun. I think I need to pracrice a little bit more. I think I did good at this because I was close to getting the ball in many times.