I learnt about evaluating, and practised with a text called the youngest pilot fies around the world.

First we learnt what evaluating is, evaluating is judging events, information and arguments inside a text.

Then, we made 2 arguments about what we think that Mack could have done, or did well at, and summarised both of them. My 2 arguments were that Mack wasted his time,and it didn’t matter that he flew around the world. The other agrument is that he used his time wisely, and he should get an award.

Lastly, we chose which argument we thought was best, I choose that Mack used his time wisely, and he shoukld be awarded my accomplishing a world reccord.

I enjoyed this task becuase I learnt how to evaluate, I think I need to get better at choosing an opinion, I was good at summarising the 2 argiments.

One thought on “Evaluating

  1. Greetings Keira.
    I learnt that the youngest pilot to fly around the world was Mack, and that he was 17, and I think that your arguments were interesting. Do you think that you could beat the world record of youngest pilot? You are good at finding arguments.

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