Pencil Code

I practised coding, and learnt about rotation.

First we learnt about rotation, rotation is the way something turns, there are 2 different ways of turning, anticlockwise, and clockwise. Or just left and right.

Then we played a game where we needed to use rotations, angles, and strategy. Me and my partner needed to try and guide eachother though the fake bombs and get to the other side. Me and my partner were good at this, and we didn’t step on any of the bombs.

Lastly we used pencil code and tried making some shapes like triangle, square, and octagon. I made all of the shapes that I could, even the hard ones.

I enjoyed this task because I liked making shapes and making codes. I think I need to improve on moving anticlockwise, and clockwise. I did good at making shapes with pencilcode, and coding other things like flowers.

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