Observation Something Happened Here…

LI: Learning about New Zealand history.

For reading we looked at New zealand history from the school starter kit. We chose one of the 36 cards and learnt about the tangata whenua which tells us the mountain, river, tribe and marae for place we choose. We chose observation, this card was about Abel Tasman and Dumont D’urville. Abel Tasman’s story was about murderers bay, we learnt why he gave murderers bay the name and what happened.

I found this task interesting because I was given the opportunity to learn about history behind New Zealand.

One thought on “Observation Something Happened Here…

  1. I love how you have put information about Able Tasman and Dumont D’Uvrville and i really like that you included beautiful punctuation you put a lot of effort into your work keep it up and do the best you can with everything you do in the future and i enjoyed the slide show a lot.

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