Inchcape Rock

LI: To find and summarise the story behind the poem

No movement flows; the boat froze, sails and bottoms paused.

Silenced noise and signs, waves arise and slump bells enclosed.

Aberbrothok set down the bell, the storm and waves fell.

The rock had swept, the bell warned. Then raised danger

Sun cheered, joyful birds shrieked. Then came the lovable music.

The inchcape bell spotted a green mark as Ralph eyed.

Ralph mirthfully sang in sinister his insides laughed with evil.

Eyes focused on the bell, rowing to dispel Abbot’s label.

Heading towards inchcape rock, Ralph cuts the bell to plague.

Downturned the ringing bell, “the next person will be ensorcelled.”

Ralph sailed away scouring the seas heading towards Scotland’s shore.

Gazed upon the highs, the sunlight and breeze had last.

Rover takes his stand blinded by the dark gaze ahead.

Said ;”now we’re lost, how I wish the bell rang.”

The sound died, swells then striked the inchcape rock.

Ralph hath balded and cursed as waves and ships collided.

The ship sinking warned himself of cutting the inchcape bell

Our challenge was to unpack the story behind the 17 verses of the poem Inchcape Rock by Robert Southy. The part I found interesting was when sir Ralph crashed into the inchcape rock because he had cursed himself by cutting the bel of of the rock because he was jeleous of everyone praising Abbot.

I found this activity interesting because I unpacked a poem and I don’t get to really unpack poems most of the time.


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