PBS Market Day

On Wednesday Panmure Bridge school hosted their market day under the canopy for all the classes. Each class spent about a week to come up with their products and ideas, our class decided to make harakeke keyrings and jewelery. First, gathered ideas for our product and made prototypes, at first our idea didn’t work out so we tried again and came up with the idea of making beaded bracelets and rings. When we made our product we advertised the keyrings by putting them of our bags.

Then we set up our stall infront of the hall on the deck and displeyd all of our products to sell. Our stall was quite popular as it was filled with fun colours and glitter. After we finished out stall we helped set up some of the others. once they were completed all of the stalls were beaming with fun and exhadurated colours.

Finally some of us looked after the stall and sold the products. Our stall had a humongous crowd and sold everything that we had. I was the first person to look after the stall and help sell products, when I swapped with someone else I went and used my tokens to buy things I was given 5 tokens to buy things from stalls, I ened up buying a sunflower, christmas wrapping paper and a dream catcher. When it was done I was left with 3 tokens.

I found market day fun and filled with excitiment, I enjoyed creating the products to sell and helping look after the stall.

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