We learn some skill’s that you can use when your playing soccer.

The first thing that I learnt was how to dribble the ball. To dribble the ball you need to keep the ball close to you so that other people can’t stel it from you. The next thing we learnt bout dribbling was that we had to use the inside part of our feet so that the ball wouldn’t roll away.

Then we practiced passing the ball to our partner. First we had to use the insinde of our dominant foot. Then we practised passing using the inside of our non-dominatd foot. When our partner kicked the ball to us we could either use the side of our foot to stop it, or put our foot on-top of the ball.

Lastly we played a passing game called 8 passes. To play 8 passes we had to try and pass the ball between our team 8 times with out the ball going out of the line or the other team getting the ball. Once the ball went out of the lines we had to pass it to them other team diaganal from us.

I enjoyed learning soccer skills. I think that I could get faster at dribbling the ball because I was slow. I think that I was good at passing the ball to my partner.

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