Womans Rights

We read a text about womans rights.

First we read a text called, The Fight To Vote. This text is about the womans rights and how they were able to vote, and gain fair rights. So in the 1860’s, the woman began to speak out and protest for equal rights to men.

Next, in our group, we did something like reciprocal reading. We needed a leader, comprehender, antagonist, and a clarifier. We needed to discuss what we all thought the text was about in our own words.

Then, we recorded our group going throught the reciprocal reading process. The leader asked, who?,What?,why, and how? Then the comprehender would explain what they tought that the text was about. Then the antagonist had to disagree and then say what they thought the text was about. The the clarifier asked everybody if they agreed, and if they understood.

I learnt that woman should not be treated less than men, and that woman had to fight and protest for equal rights.

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