Maths Riddles

For the summer learning journey I completed the task called Maths Riddles.

I needed to answer 5 tricky maths questions, for example: at the time Coco was 6 years old her sister was half her age. How old would Coco’s sister be if Coco was 20 years old? The answer would be 17 becuase is Coco’s sister was 3 at the time Coco was 6, the age gap would be 3 years, and 20-3=17.

I enjoyed this task because answering riddles is fun! I got 3/5 questions correct. I think I did good at this task.

One thought on “Maths Riddles

  1. Kia ora Keirah,
    It’s Mrs Clifford from the Summer Learning Journey Commenting Team.

    These riddles are so funny! You did do pretty well and your explanations are great.

    The ones you got wrong – have you figured out why?
    For example – you can only subtract 10 from 50 once and then the answer is no longer 50, it is 40 so you can’t subtract it any more times!!! Could you think of another problem like this one for someone else to solve?

    Happy Blogging,
    – Mrs Clifford

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