History of Sports Cars

Sports cars are a type of car that is specifically used for racing. They have been used for many years. There are lots of different kinds of sports cars, some of them are: Porsche, Tesla Roadster,  Ferraris and many other ones.

The first sports car that was ever made was the Prince Henry Vauxhaul. The Prince Henry Vauxhaul was made in 1914. This car could reach up to 90 MHP, and had a 3 litre engine. The person who designed this car was called Laurence Pomeroy.

Now, sports cars have evolved. Some of the sports cars engines now are between 2.0 engine litres to 7 engine litres. Once of these cars are the Porsche Cayenne with a engine that can reach 3.0 litres.

Sports cars have been around for many years the first sports car to ever be made was teh prince Henry Vauxhaul, and one of the most recent sports car is the 2022 Chevrolet Corvette.


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