Te Reo

With Whaea Odie, we learnt how to add numbers together and some new words.

First Whaea Odie showed us all the cards, and how to say them in maori. For example. If she showed us a card with the number 5, we had to say 5 in te reo, wich is rima.

Then she showed us the king, queen, and ace, card. king meant kingi. queen meant Kuini. And ace meant 1.

Lastly, she would ask us “Ho mai…” which means,  give me. Then, we had to give her the number that she asked us in maori, shown on the cards. When we gave her the card, we had to say “Ane”, thats means here.

I enjoyed doing this, becuase I got to learn more numbers in maori. I think that I could get better at pronouncing the numbers.

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