Soccer Skills

LS1 revised some soccer skills. we revised passing, and stopping the ball.

Frist we did a warm up game. For the warm up me played rock paper scissors tag. To play rock papaer scissors tag you need to try and beat people in rock paper scissors. If you beat them, you get to run away and try to get more people out. If you lost, you had to stand still like your stuck in the mud and the only way to get un-stuck, somebody had to tag you

Next, we rivised passing and stopping. We did a triangle drill. We used the inside of our foot to pass the ball to each other. We had to chose wich stop we wanted to practice. Then, once the ball went all the way around the circle you had to spread out.

Lastly we played a game called team tag. to play team tag you need to get into a group and pass the ball to each other while trying to teag other players. The last team standing wins.

I enjoyed this because I like learning soccer skills. I think that I need to get better at stopping the ball with the inside of my foot because the ball kept bouncing back.

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